From ABER Instruments' range of yeast pitching equipment, the COMPACT PERFECTPITCH is a portable skid that incorporates a COMPACT ADAPT yeast monitor, a flow meter, pipework and mini-PLC.  So if the brewer needs a self-contained module or the flexibility to connect the yeast monitor to various yeast storage vessles and fermenters, the COMPACT PERFECTPITCH provides the ideal solution at an affordable price.

Our recent case study highlights the benefits that the Meantime Brewery in London experienced during their trial of the COMPACT PERFECTPITCH.

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Technical Specifications

Measuring Ranges: 312KHz
Measuring Ranges: 0 to 100 % Viable Spun Solids
0 to 6 x 109cells/ml

Note: These limits will not be reached in normal operation

Practical Operating Ranges:

Depends on cell sizes but typically:
0.5 - 70% Viable spun solids
25x106 cells/ml to 5x109 cells/ml
Conductivity range of 0.75 to 3.0mS/cm
20 yeast strain storage

Power Supply: 100 to 240V AC input max 260V (Single phase), 45-65Hz, 15 Watts maximum. Refer to Quint PSU instruction note for more details.
Power Connection: Connected to 900 Series Buccaneer 32A, 600V ac/dc rating. Refer to manufacturers wiring instructions Pt no. PX0911/03/S.
Power Cord: 3 core power cable (Live, Neutral, Earth) Current rating: 10-20A, Jacket material: PVC, Jacket OD: PX0980 gland pack for PX0911/03/S 7-9mm Dark grey,9-11mm White, 11-13mm Black. Use suitable gland .
Electrical/EMC Safety: Electrical safety Class 1 appliance handling. MUST BE GROUNDED – refer to installation in user manual.  Fuses – Live and Neutral fused! Refer to 6.2.3
Environmental: Safe ambient operating temperature range: 5°C to 40°C

Recommended ambient operating temperature range: 15°C to 30°C
Relative Humidity: < 80%, Pollution: degree 1 (EN61010)
Recommended operating altitude: < 2000 m
Maximum operating pressure cor COMPACt unit: 10 Bar

Construction Material: All Wetted parts 316L

Plus other FDA approved materials

Probe: Adapt Probe: Flush Standard brewery probe 25x75mm. ABER Part No: 3420-52
Flow Meter: Positive Displacement, Magnetic pulse via a reed switch
Construction material: PEEK
Flow Range (litres/hr) 110-2,300
Skid weight:  58Kg
Floor area:  600x600mm (when all wheels are facing outwards)
Enclosure:  IP65
Mains Connector  IP68 – when mated, or with protective cap fitted
Pipe Connector type - In/out:  RJT (Male Type) 1.5"
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