Vist ABER at BRAU Beviale 2018 - Hall 6 / 6-261

Aber Instruments is known in the brewery industry for its expertise in live yeast cell measurement and at Brau we will be showing our complete range of Brewing products including the Aber Countstar and PERFECTPITCH Skid.

The Countstar, is the first slide based image analysis instrument for yeast cell concentration and viability measurement that uses the same safe, traditional microscopy stains such as methylene blue or methylene violet. The Countstar uses an individually wrapped, disposable slide with five sample chambers that requires just 20 microlitres of each sample. One measurement takes less than 20 seconds. Automatic cell image analysis with a 5megapixel auto-focusing, colour camera then provides the total cell count, the viability (expressed as % of live cells), cell diameter and the degree of aggregation.  The instrument is very simple to operate and requires little maintenance or cleaning.

The second product launched in 2014 is the PerfectPitch, a portable skid designed for  automatic yeast pitching in Craft breweries. The skid comprises of the Aber Compact “Adapt” Yeast Monitor, a Magflow flow meter and a mini PLC together with connecting pipework and a sampling port. The skid is designed to be easily connected to hoses, and can be wheeled around, making it ideal for use in Craft breweries or production sites with a variety of remotely located fermenters.

The brewer can use the PerfectPitch for accurately transferring the correct amount of live yeast from a propagator or yeast storage vessel to the fermenter . One of the most important options with the skid though is in “cone to cone pitching” when it is almost impossible to get a representative yeast sample for analysis from the donor fermenter.  With the PerfectPitch the live yeast cell concentration is automatically measured throughout the transfer and therefore the variation in concentrations and viability are accounted for.  A new USB output feature has now been added to the perfectpitch, providing a complete audit trial for the breweries pitching runs.

View our PERFECTPITCH video