Effective Yeast Management

Yeast Management 

The importance of yeast management in a brewery cannot be overstated. Chris Boulton and David Quain rightly put it when they said, "If I was a yeast cell I would want to be looked after, cherished even!".  Understanding how many live yeast cells are working for you is one of the most important facets of yeast management. Better yeast management can directly lead to more consistent fermentations and beer quality, reduced fermentation times, reduced production of off-flavours, financial benefits etc.

ABER Instruments has over 25 years of dedicated experience in providing brewing equipment that measure the live concentration of yeast in the brewing process. ABER yeast monitors are used and trusted by all the major brewing groups across the world. We also have a host of scientific publications that attest the benefits of the technology and the reliability of our brewing equipment.

The ABER Yeast Monitors can be useful for the following core applications in a brewery -