Many of the world's leading brewing companies now understand the benefits of producing a yeast growth profile over the entire propagation period from start to finish.  We can recommend the best Compact Yeast Monitor set-up optimised for this operation. 

The data from the Yeast Monitor can be used to determine:

  • The initial concentration in the propagator after pitching
  • The rate of cell growth in the propagator; this will pick up an early indication if the yeast cells are growing at the correct rate or if the propagation has become “stuck” due to underpitching or poor quality seed.
  • A target peak cell concentration; this value is usually the most important one as propagation might be stopped at a certain critical concentration or the final value might be used to calculate the dosing volume into a full production vessel.

The probe can be installed either directly into the side wall of the propagator if there is an appropriate fitting (25mm Ingold will be ideal).  It can also be installed in a pumped pipe loop that circulates the vessels contents.  In most cases we recommend the Compact Adapt Yeast Monitor as this is designed to be used in a side wall fitting.

For further information on propagation monitoring of your yeast and examples of the type of data than can be extrapolated please contact our Product Applications Manager - Aditya Bhat here