Micro-carrier culture and packed beds

Capacitance technology is the ONLY direct technology that can be used to monitor the live cell concentration, online when microcarriers are used.

Immobilized or Micro-carrier Applications

Traditional methods of measuring the viable cell concentration of cells that are attached to carriers, can be difficult and inaccurate. These include estimating total protein or counting nuclei after trypsination. In contrast our Biomass Monitor can provide this key variable in real time.

Data for micro-carrier culture at Genzyme Inc. is shown to the right.

Packed Bed Reactors

Packed bed bioreactors with Fibra-Cel carriers can produce high levels of cell density and productivity. However, monitoring and control of the cell concentration in a packed bed process can only be acheived by indirect methods. Uniquely, using our on-line monitors are the only direct method that are routinely used for monitoring biomass where the carriers are contained within a tightly packed basket.