Cell culture - Manufacturing

The Aber Instruments range of Biomass Monitors have been extensively used in cGMP 
The Aber Biomass Monitor can be found in many of the major bio-pharmaceutical companies across Europe and North America on cGMP processes. In some cases over 50 instruments have been installed. The Biomass Monitor will provide essential information on cell culture progress, without the risk of contamination. 
A wide range of cell types have been monitored including various CHO, HeLa, Sf-9, Vero,NSO and Hybridoma lines. The instrument has been proven with clumping cell lines that are difficult to count off-line and is being used to control a constant level of live biomass within perfused bioreactors over extended periods of culture lasting several months. In cGMP, for processes that already have a qualified off-line method for cell density, the instrument can also be used for checking conformance. Errors in cell counting can lead to batch rejection and so the Biomass Monitor can be used to provide real time back up information for the bioprocess.

Biomass Monitor 230 and Tri-clamp biomass probes undergoing IOQ factory testing at Aberystwyth facility